Renal Dosing Protocols

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Renal Dosing Protocols
I have decided to present two different versions of the renal dosing protocols. The first link below are the original protocols that are based primarily on tertiary references such as  "Drug Prescribing in Renal Failure: Dosing Guidelines for Adults. Fourth Edition, 1999." Original Guidelines
This newly added web page is  based entirely on package insert recommendations. This document was compiled for the sole purpose of strengthening the support for an automatic conversion policy for most of the renally-adjusted medications. It was felt that these guidelines in particular would have a greater likelihood to be supported by the P&T committee.  This document was produced by Sogol Vaziri, Pharm D  of the Detroit VA Medical Center. This is her first addition to this web site.....
Package Insert - FDA Guidelines
(Note: this is a large document ~75k)
Old Renal dosing protocols
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