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What is the current phenytoin level if available? (mcg/ml)
Dosage form used for maintenance dose:
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Recommended loading dose for patient not currently receiving phenytoin:
10 mg/kg:  mg  15 mg/kg:  mg   20 mg/kg: mg
Recommended total daily maintenance dose (mg):
Range: ()  to  ()

Normally given in divided doses q8-12h. (Note: Use lower end of the range in patients with renal insufficiency or with low albumin levels)
Corrected level based on serum albumin:

(Correction based on the Sheiner-Tozer Method: Adjusted phenytoin concentration = Measured total concentration / [ (0.2 x albumin) + 0.1] )
Dose needed to increase level to therapeutic range if a sub-therapeutic level is entered above. (Dosages are based on a Vd of 0.7 L/kg. The corrected  level above is used as a starting point. Dosages below are in milligrams). 
12 mcg/ml: mg   15 mcg/ml: mg 17 mcg/ml: mg


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