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Prefixes, roots, suffixes  [ T ]

Prefix: A prefix is placed at the beginning of a word to modify or change its meaning. Pre means "before." Prefixes may also indicate a location, number, or time. 
: central part of a word.     
:  The ending part of a word that modifies the meaning of the word. Example: homeless. Root = 'home' and the suffix is 'less'. It can also refer to a condition, disease, disorder, or procedure.    

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tachy- fast
tal/o talus
tars/o tarsus; hindfoot or ankle
tauto- identical, same
tax/o order; coordination
techn/o skill, art
tel/o complete
tele/o distant
temp/o, tempor/o period of time, the temples
ten deca-
ten/o tendon
tendin/o tendon
-tension pressure
tens/o stretched, strained
tephr/o gray (ashen)
terat/o monster; malformed fetus
test/o testis
tetan/o tetanus
tetra- four
thalam/o thalamus
thalass/o sea
thanat/o death
the/o put; place
thec/o sheath
thel/o nipple
therapeut/o treatment
-therapy treatment
therm/o heat
thorac/o chest
-thorax chest; pleural cavity
three tri-
thromb/o clot
-tropia to turn
thym/o thymus gland
-thymia mind (condition of)
-thymic pertaining to mind
thyr/o thyroid gland; sheild
thyroid/o thyroid gland
tibi/o tibia (shin bone)
-tic pertaining to
toc/o labor; birth
-tocia labor; birth (condition of)
-tocin labor; birth (a substance for)
tom/o to cut
-tome instrument to cut
-tomy process of cutting
ton/o tension
tone/o to stretch
tonsill/o tonsil
top/o place; position; location
torso twisted
tox/o poison
toxic/o poison
trache/o trachea (windpipe)
trans- across; through
traumat/o trauma, injury, wound
trem/o, tremul/o shaking, trembling
-tresia opening
tri- three
trich/o hair
trigon/o trigone (area within the bladder)
tri/o to sort out, sorting
-tripsy to crush
troph/o nourishment; development
-trophy nourishment; development (condition of)
-tropia to turn
-tropic turning
-tropin stimulate; act on
tub/o tube
tumesc/o, -tumescence swelling
tympan/o tympanic membrane (eardrum); middle ear
-type classification; picture
typhl/o cecum, blindness
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