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This calculator provides several useful outputs including the calculated 'Body Mass Index' or BMI.  It will also estimate your 'Basal Metabolic Rate' or BMR.  Also included is an estimate of your 'Total Energy Expenditure' or TEE which indicates the number of calories needed per day to maintain your current weight. 
arrowSeveral of these NEW calculators may be particularly useful for dieters.  Just about every single MAJOR calorie/ energy equation that has been released over the last 90 years is included below.   Each calculator has a customized printout option for easy analysis.  Recommendation:   Try each calculator - print out the results -  then compare!
Estimated  'Calorie'  Calculators
Harris-Benedict Equation: Estimation of total calories needed. MOST widely used equation for calculating basal metabolic rate and total calories.
Revised Harris-Benedict Equation:  The original Harris Benedict equation was revised in 1984.  This updated equation can be used to calculate the basal metabolic rate and total calories.
RESTING Metabolic Rate (RMR) : Resting Metabolic Rate Calc - This equation can be used to calculate the RESTING metabolic rate and total calories. Mifflin-St Jeor equation.
Schofield equation (BMR) : led This equation was part of the previous government guidelines to formulate RDA's and can be used to calculate the basal metabolic rate and total calories needed.
Institute of Medicine Equation- LATEST EQUATION: IOM Equation-Estimated Energy Requirement (EER) Estimation of total calories needed. This equation is behind the 2005 Dietary Guidelines for Americans and the new food pyramid, MyPyramid.
Height    Weight:
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Gender  Current daily activity level?
Sedentary: No regular exercise.
Mild activity level: Intensive exercise for at least 20 minutes 3 times per week. This may include such things as bicycling, jogging, basketball, swimming, skating, etc.  If you do not exercise regularly, but you maintain a busy life style that requires you to walk frequently for long periods, you meet the requirements of this level.
Moderate activity level: Intensive exercise for at least 30 to 60 minutes 3 to 4 times per week. Any of the activities listed above will qualify.
Heavy or (Labor-intensive) activity level: Intensive exercise for 60 minutes or greater 3 to 4 times per week (see sample activities above).  Labor-intensive occupations also qualify for this level.  Labor-intensive occupations include construction work (brick laying, carpentry, general labor, etc), farming, landscape worker or similar occupations.
Other calculators and tools that have been added:
  1. Calculate the amount of protein that should be consumed daily based on the latest guidelines
  2. How much daily fiber do I need???
  3. Calculate the amount of essential amino acids that are recommended in the diet
  4. Protein / Amino acid review
  5. Protein Sources (plant-based versus animal source)
  6. Calcium and Vitamin D Calculator - How much do I need?
  7. Soluble fiber calculator - Need at least 7 grams per day to maximize cholesterol lowering benefits.
  8. Fiber Content of Common Foods - Fiber Calculator


Basal energy expenditure: the amount of energy required to maintain the body's normal metabolic activity, i.e. respiration, maintenance of body temperature etc. 

Harris Benedict Equations:

BMR calculation for men (metric)
BMR = 66.47 + ( 13.75 x weight in kg ) + ( 5.003 x height in cm ) - ( 6.755 x age in years )

BMR calculation for women (metric)
BMR = 655.1 + ( 9.563 x weight in kg ) + ( 1.850 x height in cm ) - ( 4.676 x age in years )

Harris JA, Benedict FG. A biometric study of human basal metabolism. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 1918;4(12):370-3.


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