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UD urethral discharge
ulcerative dermatosis
use as directed
usual diet
under developed
urethral dilatation
ulnar deviation
UDC usual diseases of childhood
UDN ulcerative dermal necrosis
UDS urine drug screen
ultrasound Doppler sonography
UDT undescended testicles
UE unknown etiology
under elbow
upper extremity
upper esophagus
UEC uterine endometrial carcinoma
UES upper esophageal sphincter
UF ultrafiltration
unbound fraction
UFC urinary free cortisol
UFF ultrafiltration failure
UFH unfractionated heparin
UFN until further notice
UFO Until Further Order(s)
UFR ultrafiltration rate
UFV ultrafiltration volume
UG until gone
upward gaze
UGA under general anesthesia
UGB upper gastrointestinal bleeding
UGCR ultrasound-guided compression repair
UGH uveitis, glaucoma, and hyphema
urinary growth hormone
UGI upper gastrointestinal , upper gastrointestinal bleeding, upper gastrointestinal series
UGP urinary gonadotropin peptide
UH umbilical hernia
upper half
UI urinary incontinence
urinary infection
UIQ upper inner quadrant
UJ ulcerative jejunitis
UK unknown
UKR unicompartmental knee replacement
UL upper lobe
upper limb(s)
upper lid
ULET Uniform Life-Expectancy Table
ULLE upper lid - left eye
ULN upper limits of  normal
ULQ upper left quadrant
ULRE upper lid - right eye
ULTT Upper Limb Tension Test
UM uracil mustard
utilization management
UMN upper motor neuron
UN urea nitrogen
unilateral nephrectomy
UNA urinary sodium
UNC Uncertain, unconscious, uncooperative
UNE urinary norepinephrine
UNG ointment
UNK uterine NK
UNL upper normal limit
UNS unsymmetrical
U U2 U3 U4
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