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NNT number needed to treat
neonatal tetanus
NNU neonatal unit
net nitrogen utilization
NO Nitrous oxide
nasal obstruction
nasal oxygen
nitric oxide
non obese
nitroglycerin ointment
none obtained
NOA near-field optical analysis
non-obstructive azoospermia
Notice of Admission
naturally occurring antibodies
NOC Not Otherwise Classified
Night (nocturnal)
NOCT nocturnal  / night
NOD Notice of Determination
nonobese diabetic
Not Otherwise Diagnosed
notify of death
NOE naso-orbital-ethmoid
no exercise
NOF National Osteoporosis Foundation
nonossifying fibroma
neck of femur
NOH neurogenic orthostatic hypotension
neck of humerus
NOI nature of illness
no isthmus
NOK next of kin
NOL nitric oxide level
not on label
NOM normal oral mucosa
nonoperative management
NON-REM nonrapid eye movement
NOP new old patient
N/OFQ peptide
no ocular pain
not otherwise provided
NOR noradrenaline
nitric oxide reductase
normal control
NORM normal
NOS not otherwise specified
nitric oxide synthase
no organisms seen
new-onset seizures
not on staff
nitric oxide synthase
Not of Specific Origin
NOT nocturnal oxygen therapy
Notice of Termination
NOU not on unit
NOV Nodamura virus
nonoccluded virus
NP Nurse Practitioner
natriuretic peptide
nasal polyps
new patient
neuropathic pain
no pain
not pregnant
not palpable
not present
nasal passages
NPA nasal pharyngeal airway
near point accommodation
nasopharyngeal aspirate
necrotizing polyarteritis
negative predictive accuracy
NPBC node-positive breast cancer
NPC nasopharyngeal carcinoma
neural progenitor cell
nearpoint of convergence
no prenatal care
NPD narcissistic personality disorder
normal protein diet
naive pooled data
negative pressure device
nonprescription drugs
no pathologic diagnosis
NPE neurogenic pulmonary edema
no palpable enlargement
normal pelvic examination
neuropsychologic examination
non protein energy
NPF National Provider File
no predisposing factor
nasopharyngeal fiberscope
NPG neuropeptide gamma
nonpolypoid growth
normal-pressure glaucoma
NPH  Normal pressure hydrocephalus
no previous history
neutral protamine hagedorn
NPHX nasopharynx
NPI National Provider Identifier
Neonatal Perception Inventory
no present illness
nasal patency index
NPJT nonparoxysmal junctional tachycardia
NPL neural protamine lispro
no perception of light
NPK nonprotein kilocalories
neuropeptide K
NPM nothing per mouth
NPN nonprotein nitrogen
New Product Number
NPNC no prenatal care
NPO nothing by mouth
neurogenic pulmonary oedema
NPP non-physician practitioner
negative predictive power
normal pooled plasma
Nurse Practitioner, Psychiatric
NPR net protein ratio
normal pulse rate
natriuretic peptide receptor
net protein ratios
NPS National Prescribing Service
National Provider System
nasal polyposis
nasopharyngeal secretions
neuropsychiatric symptoms
neuritic plaques
NPT nasal provocation test
normal pressure and temperature
near-patient tests
neuropsychological testing
nocturnal penile tumescence
NPU net protein utilization
NPV negative predictive value
nuclear polyhedrosis virus
NPWT negative pressure wound therapy
NPY neuropeptide Y
Neuropeptide tyrosine
NPZ naphazoline
N N2 N3 N4 N5 N6 N7 N8
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