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NM nanometer
nodular melanoma
nasal mucosa
nuclear medicine
near miss
not measurable
nitrogen mustard
not measured
Neisseria meningitidis
not mentioned
N & M night and morning
NMB neuromuscular blocking
neuromuscular blockade
NMBA neuromuscular blocking agent
NMBS neuromuscular blockers
nuclear medicine bone scan
NMC nasal mast cells
normal menstrual cycle
no malignant cells
NMD neuromuscular disorders
neuronal migration disorder
nitroglycerin-mediated dilation
Doctor of Naturopathy
NME necrolytic migratory erythema
new molecular entity
neuromuscular efficiency
NMF National Medical Fellowships
neuromuscular function
neuromuscular facilitation
natural moisturizing factor
NMH neurally mediated hypotension
NMHH no medical health history
N-methyl hexanoylhydroxamic acid
NMI no mental illness
normal male infant
no middle initial
no more information
no manifest improvement
NMJ neuromuscular junction
NML normal
nodular mixed lymphoma
NMKB not married, keeping baby
NMM nodular malignant melanoma
NMN N-methylnicotinamide
no middle name
naked megakaryocyte nuclei
NMO neuromyelitis optica
NMOL nanomole
NMP normal menstrual period
nuclear matrix protein
next menstrual period
neuromuscular pedicle
NMR nuclear magnetic resonance
neonatal mortality rate
normalized median response
NMS Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome
neuromuscular stimulation
neonatal maternal separation
NMT Nuclear Medicine Technologist
no more than
nebulized mist treatment
NMU nitrosomethylurea
NN neonatal
node number
narrative notes
neoplastic nodules
neural network
normal nutrition
nurse notes
NNB normal newborn
NNBC node-negative breast cancer
NND neonatal death
New and Nonofficial Drugs
NNE neonatal necrotizing enterocolitis
neonatal neurological examination
NNH number needed to harm
NNL no new laboratory
NNN nitrosonornicotine
normal newborn nursery
NNO no new orders
nasal nitric oxide
NNP Neonatal Nurse Practitioner
normal non-pregnant
NNR not necessary to return
nicotinic receptor
NNS nicotine nasal spray
neural networks
neonatal screen
number needed to screen
N N2 N3 N4 N5 N6 N7 N8
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